Provider Tools


The MaineHealth Center for Tobacco Independence provides a variety of tools for providers on addressing tobacco use and treatment.

Clinical Provider Toolkit

The following resources are free for providers to use; they are the same documents we provide at our outreach visits and trainings. Please visit our Tobacco and ENDS & Vaping sections for targeted resources for clients and patients.

Behavioral Health IMAT Pilot Project and Toolkit

About the Pilot Project: Tobacco use disorder is often overlooked by behavioral health clinicians.  A proposed solution is to integrate treatment for tobacco use disorder into the treatment for co-occurring addictions and/or mental health conditions for which people who use tobacco are already enrolled. In addition to the practicality of bringing tobacco treatment to the client in their existing treatment setting, it also makes sense therapeutically given the intimate relationship between tobacco use and other behavioral health disorders.  Over the course of a 7-month pilot program, which was a collaboration between the Center for Tobacco Independence (CTI) and the MBH Biddeford Integrated Medication Assisted Treatment (IMAT) program for treating opioid use disorder, strategies to integrate tobacco treatment were implemented.

The following resources, utilized with the Behavioral Health Pilot Project, are available for download and use by providers and include materials for both providers and clients.  Additional resources can be found under the Clinical Provider Toolkit and Patient Tools section.

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  2. Assessment:
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  4. Motivation Documents:
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  6. Treatment Planning and Strategies:

Additional Resources: