Provider Tobacco Treatment Education

CTI works through a variety of initiatives to achieve the goal of reducing tobacco use and exposure. These evidence based strategies include prevention, provider education and tobacco treatment.

Quitting tobacco is often the most important thing a person can do for his or her future health. Advice and assistance from healthcare professional remains a powerful tool for helping tobacco users quit.

Tobacco Treatment Education and Training:

CTI’s Tobacco Treatment Education and Training Program has delivered training on evidence-based treatment to thousands of healthcare and behavioral health professionals across the state, improving access to high quality, best practice tobacco treatment.

Multiple training opportunities are available to provide healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills to successfully engage their patients/clients with proven strategies for lasting tobacco abstinence.

Advice and assistance from health care professionals remains a powerful tool for helping tobacco users quit. Consistent with national clinical guidelines, we advocate for consistent screening and intervention for all tobacco users at every healthcare visit.

Provider Engagement:

Through brief interventions and ongoing contact, the Provider Engagement team provides tobacco treatment training and technical support to providers, clinical staff, and administrative staff at hospitals and practices in order to connect more patients who use tobacco to the Maine QuitLink for evidence-based treatment. Provider Engagement shares best practices for talking with patients about tobacco and ensures staff are competent in the use of referral forms and/or EMR-embedded referral processes. Provider Engagement also partners with Quality staff to use data to support ongoing improvement initiatives.

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