Maine QuitLink

Research also shows that counseling tobacco users improves quit rates, and that tobacco counseling provided over the phone is as effective as counseling provided in person. The Maine QuitLink provides tobacco users counseling by phone, digital support and when appropriate, provides medication support. Evaluation of the Phone Coaching Program has demonstrated that these services are effective. Tobacco users who receive support from the Maine QuitLink are two to three times more likely to successfully quit tobacco long-term than those who try quitting on their own.

Quit Your Way – Quit Service Options:

The Maine QuitLink offers a variety of programs to meet the needs of your patients of clients. Maine residents can access multiple program options and tools that provide flexibility and choice for individuals to quit smoking, vaping, or other tobacco products their own way. Maine QuitLink participants can access phone coaching, online quit tools, and medication support. Individuals can access services by calling 1-800-QUIT-NOW, visiting or through provider referral.

Phone Coaching
Free one-on-one coaching with a Quit Coach who will assist in creating a customized Quit Plan. People who call are twice as likely to quit and using free nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) triples your chances.

  • 12 weeks of FREE patches, gum, or lozenges
  • Multi-session support with a certified Quit Coach
  • Online Appointment Scheduling
  • Supportive Behavioral Health Protocol
  • Access to Optional Online Quit Tools
  • Supportive Website, Social Media, and Materials
Online Tools for Quitting
Rally Coach offers web-based support with digital tools to help a participant with their quit journey. People can get quitting information, create a customized quit plan, and track progress.

  • FREE 2 week starter pack of patches, gum, or lozenges
  • Online dashboard available 24/7
  • Text Message Support
  • Web Chat with a certified Quit Coach
  • Option to Enroll in Online Group Sessions
  • Supportive Website, Social Media, and Materials
American Indian Commercial Tobacco Program
The American Indian Commercial Tobacco Program is part of the Maine QuitLink services that provides free, culturally-tailored help to quit tobacco, including:

  • 10 coaching calls with dedicated native coaches
  • Support to create a customized quit plan
  • Up to 12 weeks of free patches, gum or lozenges
  • An online dashboard with access to educational materials, quit planning, quit progress tracking and an online community
  • Option to Enroll in Online Group Sessions
  • A focus on commercial tobacco use, including cigarettes, vaping, and smokeless tobacco

The Maine QuitLink suite of services includes tailored tobacco treatment programming for teens (13-17). Learn more about the My Life, My Quit program.

Quit Coaches provide evidence-based services using the Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence Clinical Practice Guideline (U.S. Public Health Service, 2008).


  • Tobacco Users Registered for Services: 4,153
  • Incoming Calls: 5,811
  • Website Visits: 98,164
  • Provider Referrals: 5,048
  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy Vouchers Authorized:4,412

Quit Rates and Outcomes:

  • Maine QuitLink Phone Coaching Quit Rate: 40% (compared to an unassisted quit rate of 3%)
  • 95% of surveyed Maine QuitLink participants said they would recommend the program to their friends and family

The Maine QuitLink offers free, confidential support to all people, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, gender identity or sexual orientation. This support includes qualified interpreters for people whose primary language is not English, and services to assist individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.  The MaineHealth Center for Tobacco Independence administers the Maine QuitLink on behalf of the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Maine CDC), Maine Department of Health and Human Services.