Tobacco Treatment

CTI works through a variety of initiatives to achieve the goal of reducing tobacco use and exposure. These evidence based strategies include prevention, provider education and tobacco treatment.

Maine QuitLink:

The Maine QuitLink offers statewide tobacco treatment counseling and medication for Maine resident tobacco users. The Maine QuitLink offers a variety of programs to meet the needs of your patients of clients. Maine residents can choose from a variety of digital and phone based programs to meet them where they are in their quitting process. Mainers can choose from the robust integrated phone counseling program or from one of our new standalone digital services.  Individuals can access services by calling 1-800-QUIT-NOW, visiting or through provider referral.

The Maine QuitLink Phone Coaching Program quit rate (30-day) is about 40% for tobacco users that complete at least 4 calls and using nicotine replacement therapy medications.

My Life, My Quit:

My Life, My Quit (MLMQ) provides evidence-based tobacco treatment services tailored for youth (13-17). Developed with youth input, the program provides quit coaching through phone, chat and texted-based sessions with a tobacco treatment specialist, MLMQ supports youth who use combustible, smokeless, and electronic tobacco products. The program also features web-based services and tailored educational materials. MLMQ provides an age-appropriate complement to the evidence-based services available through the Maine QuitLink. Teens can enroll in My Life, My Quit by texting “Start My Quit” to 36072, visiting, calling 1-855-891-9989, or through provider referral.