Outcomes & Data

As the MaineHealth Center for Tobacco Independence (CTI) works across the various initiatives to address tobacco use and exposure, the outcomes are an important aspect of the work. If you would like additional information, please reach out to CTI.

Breathe Easy Gold Star Standards of Excellence

  • Behavioral Health – 2021 participation: 9 organizations recognized (7 Gold Level, 1 Silver Level, 1 Bronze Level)
  • Healthcare – 2021 participation: 8 organizations recognized in inaugural year (3 Platinum Level, 1 Gold Level, 3 Silver Level, 1 Bronze Level)
  • Higher Education – 2021 participation: 11 organizations recognized (9 Gold Level, 2 Silver Level)
  • Hospitals – 2021 participation: 32 organizations recognized (21 Platinum Level, 8 Gold Level, 2 Silver Level, 1 Bronze Level)

Maine QuitLink

  • The Maine QuitLink Integrated Phone Coaching Program has a participant quit rate of 32.2%.
  • FY2021 Tobacco Users Registered for Services: 5,164
  • FY2021 Incoming Calls: 8,865
  • FY 2021 Web Enrollments: 1,393
  • FY2021 Provider Referrals: 7,606
  • FY2021 Nicotine Replacement Therapy Vouchers Authorized: 5,966


  • FY2021: 402 Maine youth participated in 33 trainings on how to have respectful conversations about tobacco use with peers.

Smoke-Free Homes Pledge

  • FY2021: 1,610 Maine homes that took the smoke-free homes pledge

Tobacco-Free Policy and Environmental Changes

District Tobacco Prevention Partners support policy and environmental change in their communities.

  • FY2021 Prevention of Youth Initiation Policies: 87 policies passed for K12 schools, youth-serving entities, community recreation and municipalities.
  • FY2021 K12 School Policy Reach: Policies implemented this year, created tobacco-free spaces for 16,215 students and 3,283 employees
  • FY2021 Secondhand Smoke Policies: 136 policies passed in workplaces, healthcare/hospitals, behavioral health, higher education and multi-unit housing.
  • FY2021: 44 trainings conducted with 399 social service and community-based providers trained to talk about tobacco use with clients and encouraging individuals to quit with the Maine QuitLink.

Treatment Training and Education