Outcomes & Data

As the MaineHealth Center for Tobacco Independence (CTI) works across the various initiatives to address tobacco use and exposure, the outcomes are an important aspect of the work. If you would like additional information, please reach out to CTI.

Breathe Easy Gold Star Standards of Excellence

2017-2018 Impact:

  • Behavioral Health
    • 8 organizations recognized: 3 Gold Level, 5 Silver Level
  • Higher Education
    • 11 organizations recognized: all 11 at Gold Level
  • Hospitals
    • 33 organizations recognized: 30 Gold Level, 2 at Silver Level, 1 at Bronze Level

Provider Referrals to the Maine Tobacco HelpLine

2017-18 Impact:

  • Between July 2017 and June 2018, 6,434 clinical and nonclinical provider referrals for tobacco users to the Maine Tobacco HelpLine.

Prevention Policy Changes

2017-18 Impact:

  • Smoke and tobacco-free policies were passed and implemented for 161 environments, reducing exposure to secondhand smoke and creating a tobacco-free social norm for young people.  These policy changes include:
    • Behavioral Health Tobacco-Free Policies: 9 impacting 4,200 clients
    • Municipality Tobacco-Free Area Policies: 75 in communities with 76,885 residents
    • School Tobacco-Free Policies: 35 serving 35,288 students
  • 1,345 families took the Smoke-Free Homes Pledge.

Treatment Training and Education

2017-18 Impact:

  • The Basic Skills Training is a one-day training on the fundamentals of tobacco addiction and how to integrate brief tobacco treatment interventions into current practice. In Fiscal Year 2018, ten basic skills trainings were held around the state with 176 health professionals in attendance.
  • Building on the Basic Skills Training, the Intensive Skills Training is a two-day interactive training focused on developing the skills and knowledge needed to deliver more intensive and individualized treatment. Two intensive skills trainings were held in different locations for 50 professionals.
  • The Annual Tobacco Treatment and Prevention Conference brings nationally recognized speakers and local experts together to discuss a wide array of tobacco treatment and prevention topics. The May 2018 conference was held in Portland with 161 registered professionals in attendance.