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Webinar: Unsafe in any Form: The Health Risks of Tobacco Products other than Cigarettes

11.10.21 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Presenter: Keith Walker, LCSW, TTS-C – MaineHealth Center for Tobacco Independence Training and Education Program

The types of tobacco products available have proliferated in recent years, creating a shifting and sometimes confusing landscape. This webinar will provide an overview of some of the more recent non-cigarette tobacco products and will address some of the myths and misinformation about them. This presentation will discuss health risks associated with different types of tobacco products, including combustibles, smokeless tobacco, electronic nicotine delivery systems, and heated-not-burned products. Health risks specific to youth and young adults will be highlighted, since they are the targeted population and the primary users of most of these newer products. Treatment implications for users of these products will be touched upon, as well as some of the regulatory measures that have been enacted and proposed regulations for future consideration.