National Certificate In Tobacco Treatment Practice

National Certificate In Tobacco Treatment Practice

MaineHealth CTI’s Tobacco Treatment Education and Training Program is a nationally accredited provider of the core training requirements necessary to apply for a National Certificate in Tobacco Treatment Practice (NCTTP).

The required curriculum includes the Treating Tobacco Together: Basics Skills Training, the Treating Tobacco Together: Intensive Skills Training and the Tobacco Treatment and Prevention Conference. These trainings are a pathway for those interested in NCTTP and are currently being offered virtually.

Trainings required for the NCTPP certification pathway:

Applying for NCTPP:

To apply for the certificate, the candidate must provide evidence of specific education and experience, including successful completion of a CTTTP – accredited Tobacco Treatment Specialist training program and hours of tobacco treatment practice experience following completion of the training. In addition, candidates must be tobacco-free for a minimum of six months and must agree to adhere to the Tobacco Treatment Provider Code of Ethics. Specific eligibility and application requirements may be found at .